Back Up

Boy are there a lot of blog addicts out there. A huge number of texts and e-mails complaining the blog is down 🙂

The problem was “broken MTU at the host. Telecom’s fault!” to quote my hosting company.

I won’t be blogging much today as this morning I was appearing before the Commerce Committee as part of the InternetNZ team on the anti-spam bill. It was an excellent interaction with some really good questions from MPs showing they have read all the submissions and understand the key issues.

This evening I am attending the 70th birthday dinner for National – a nice black tie event. I joined the party around the 50th birthday in 1986 so this will also be my 20th anniversary as a “Nat”. I sometimes have nightmares that in 2036 they will drag me out as an old fogey to talk about what the party was like 50 years ago 🙂

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