Photos from National’s 70th

Birthday 009a.JPG

Don with both former PMs – Jenny and Jim.

Birthday 013a.JPG

Former Party General Manager Steven Joyce and his wife Suzanne.

Birthday 014a.JPG

Former President John Slater with Peter and Marget Gresham.

Birthday 016a.JPG

MC Jim Hopkins and John ‘billboard’ Ansell

Birthday 018a.JPG

The Canterbury/Westland crew. Was great to see Ruth Richardson there!

Birthday 020a.JPG

Southerners and friends.

Birthday 011a.JPG

The dinner was a wonderful three course meal. However the media (who don’t pay) only had cheese and crackers at their table. They were less than happy with this, while I found it hilarious 🙂

Birthday 015a.JPG

The birthday cake. It had images of all the leaders on it – Hamilton, Holland, Holyoake, Marshall, Muldoon, McLay, Bolger, Shipley, English and Brash.

Birthday 023a.JPG

The cake being cut by the President and the Leader along with the Young Nationals President (Michael Mabbett) and one of the foundation members from 1936.

Birthday 026a.JPG

The 13 Leaders and President in attendance. From left to right we have John Collinge, Lindsay Tisch, John Slater, Sue Wood, Sir George Chapman, Judy Kirk, Jim Bolger, Bill English, Don Brash, Michelle Boag, Jim McLay, Jenny Shipley and Geoff Thompson.

Birthday 028a.JPG

Some gatecrasher with the lovely Miss Philippa Allen.

Birthday 030a.JPG

Myself, Philippa, Je Lan Brash and Nick. Nick is definitely too tall for this photo 🙂

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