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63% of NZers don’t believe Michael Cullen, when he says tax cuts are unaffordable. This is pleasing, even though the figure should be 95% as all but the most partisan pundits say it is obvious you can afford tax cuts with a $9 billion surplus.

Our beloved PM of course disagrees and attacks the polling company. Now it is true Colmar Brunton does tend to have National 2% or so more favourable than other , but when you have 63% stating a view, that can’t be explained away by such variances.

The Dom Post gets one thing wrong in its story. They claim:

The poll also debunked National claims that thousands would flood across the Tasman after tax cuts in Australia. Only 17 per cent said they were considering shifting.

The last time I checked 17% of four million is around 680,000.

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