Becoming a farce

Sigh the Field inquiry is becoming more of a farce every day. A nine day inquiry is into month nine. But even worse the draft report has been out for weeks, yet no final report. Now I can guarantee you the PM (in her role as party leader!) will know exactly what is in that draft report. In fact probably most of the Labour Caucus probably know.

They are busy working on a political solution to the report, while Field tries to delay it further. And then we are all earnt to act surprised when Clark gets a final report and declares no further action is necessary.

With reports of this natuyre, the period between draft and final report is days not weeks. You give affected parties a few days to comment on adverse findings, you consider their submissions, and then you hand in your final report.

When the report finally is published, Dr Ingram better be very explicit about how on earth the report has taken so long, and also why there has been such a delay between draft and final report.

We now have Field getting up in Parliament, having seen the draft report, claiming the only thing he is guilty of is to go the extra mile to help people. You have Helen Clark (who will have been told what the draft report says) agreeing he is only guilty of trying to help someone.

Yet the media and the rest of the country can not judge it, as the report is not out. This looks like a script for Yes Minister.

Anyway let’s not overlook one hilarious exchange. After Lockwood asked whether the Asian Crime Unit had been investigating Field’s activities, Winston responded saying Dr Smith could not make such a serious allegation without “some proof or documentary evidence”.

Oh that is hilarious. We are all awaiting the documentary evidence for the fleet of WINZ limos, the Iraqi in Saddam’s Republican Guard, the bribe from Selwyn Cushing etc etc etc.

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