New Blog Host Needed

As has been evident for a while, this blog has got too big for my current host’s p3-333, so I’m looking to move the blog in the next fortnight. I’d like it to be as seamless as possible.

So what I’m after is a host which can host a Movable Type 2.661 installation. Over time I’d like to upgrade it to the latest 3.2 but this is not a trivial matter I understand as all 5,000 archive pages need to be renamed.

I’m not sure how large the blog now is, but it has 5,000 posts and around 80,000 comments. Most days there are 8 – 10 posts and 150 – 200 comments.

In terms of traffic, an average day has around 10,00 visits and 3GB of data transferred. So over a month that is around 90 GB of traffic and up to 300,000 visitors. Most traffic is domestic.

Now ideally I am looking for an organisation or person who can host this, plus maintain it. This shouldn’t involve a lot of work, but installing the odd plugin and doing upgrades. I’m busy enough writing the content that I don’t have time to learn how to install and run Movable Type. I am fine with operating it though.

If you are interested in hosting the blog, let me know [] along with details of any costs. Or if you have a recommendation of a good affordable host, let me know also.

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