Obesity Taxes

Once again a group of do-gooders (in this case the CDHB) think tax is the solution to everything, and have called for GST on fruit and vegetables to be scrapped plus a fat tax on junk food.

Do these people ever go to a supermarket? Do they really think that if apples are $2.60 a kg instead of $2.95, suddenly hundreds of thousands of families will buy apples instead of coke?

The GST we have is regarded as one of the best in the world for compliace costs because of the limited exemptions. Australia has a nightmare situation with its exemptions as some sorts of breads have GST, while others do not etc.

And a “fat tax” will be just as much of a nightmare for retailers. Do you stick it on coke, but not diet coke? And dairy products such as cheese can have as much fat in them as “junk” food. In fact isn’t junk food just a label?

If kids are getting fatter, it is probably just as much to do with lack of exercise. Perhaps a tax in TV watching or video game playing would be more effective (yes I am kidding).

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