UK Leaked E-mails

Don’s not the only Opposition Leader with a leaked e-mail problem. UK Tory Leader David Cameron has had e-mails sent to him from his parliamentary aide (an MP) leaked.

Extracts include:

– Francis Maude, the party chairman, described as “not yet trusted by the parliamentary party”

– Theresa May, the shadow Commons leader, said to be “neither liked nor trusted across the party”.

– a senior backbencher, was described as “Mr Angry”

– a loyal group of followers called the Industry and Parliament Trust was maligned as “a bunch of boring colleagues with nothing better to do”.

– William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, was accused of briefing the media against the party line and of “wobbling” on the issue.

These make the ones to Brash look positively boring and rountine in comparison.

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