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Oh a wonderful scene when Lisa Owen asked Pete Hodgson what does Trevor Mallard mean by threatening to expose personal details on National MPs – is he going to expose sexual orientations, is he going to expose marital infidelities etc.

Hodgson looks angry and denies any knowledge and says you should have asked Trevor Mallard on if you want to ask about that. Owen then replies along the lines of “But you are ’s strategist, and what Mallard has threatened is part of Labour’s strategy isn’t it”

Hodgson couldn’t respond to that and changed the topic.

Amazing how petulant he sounds. Sounded like a 10 year old – if National doesn’t stop calling us corrupt, then we will keep sulking etc. I mean this is the same man who has been part of a party which has labelled National corrupt dozens of times over the years. The hypocrisy continues to be monumental.

UPDATE; Good God Margaret Pope has come out and said both her and David Lange (the former MP for Mangere) have always thought Field was and is not fit to be an MP, and that the Ingram Report findings come as no surprise. Pope has called on Field to resign and hopes Mangere get a better MP in future.

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