Talking of Corruption

Let me quote the Electoral Act 1993:

[214B.Maximum amount of parties’ election expenses—

(2)In the case of a general election, the total election expenses of a party that is registered under Part 4 of this Act shall not,—

(a)If the party is listed in the part of the ballot paper that relates to the party vote, exceed $1,000,000 plus $20,000 for each constituency contested by a candidate for that party (which sum shall be inclusive of goods and services tax); and

(3)Every person who directly or indirectly pays or knowingly aids or abets any person in paying for or on account of any election expenses any sum in excess of the maximum amount prescribed by this section is,—

(a)If the act is done with knowledge that the payment is in excess of the maximum amount prescribed by this section, guilty of a corrupt practice; and

Now there is not a single independent authority who does not think spent more than the limit set down in the Electoral Act. And they were warned three times before the election that the pledge card had to be included.

So what is so outraegous about calling a spade a spade?

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