Further Field allegations

An afdadavit was read out in Parliament today about ’s Taito Phillip Field and his constituency “work” as far back as 1994. NZPA reports:

“I recall meeting Mr Field at his Mangere office sometime in 1994.

“I spoke to him about an immigration matter. He told me it would have to be done in the Samoan way. I recall he mentioned the term fa’alavelave (correct) but he then told me the more money I could find, the better the outcome would be in the long run.

“I was unable to give him any money, because I had nothing.

“My very clear understanding was that if any money was to be paid, it had to be paid to Mr Field for his help on this immigration matter.

“On the basis of what Mr Field said to me, I believe he intended to keep some of the cash for himself.”

The affadavit has been handed to the Police. It is worth noting though that as repugnant as the behavior above is, it may not necessairly be illegal. It is an issue of political ethics and the solution is a political solution which lies with the Labour Party.

People may also wish to note that the person making the accusations is someone who marched against the National Government in 1998/99 on the Hikoi of Hope.

If this has been going on for 12 years, for how long have his colleagues known about the stories, rumours and allegations? I bet you that when TVNZ first aired these issues 13 months ago, a few of them were not surprised!

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