A bouquet and a brickbat

Have to sadly give my ISP, Ihug, a brickbat for the e-mail delays this week. While the evil spamming scum are the cause of the server overload, other ISPs have managed to cope by having greater redundnacy and capacity.

Having incoming e-mail delayed by not just hours but sometimes day is incredibly frustrating. And even worse the outgoing mail servers went down also so I couldn’t even send e-mail. I still as of this morning can’t access the smtp server. Grrr.

The bouquet goes to 2day.com. Had to urgently register a domain name and associated website, and because of not getting e-mail via Ihug didn’t have the passwords to link the website to the domain name. Logged a job with 2day.com’s online help system asking if they could do it for me, and within a couple of hours they had done it. Great service.

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