Asian Immigration

The SST previews an article by Deborah Coddington in North & South headlined “Is it time to send some back?”

While Coddington is correct that there has been a disturbing increase in serious crimes, which have Asian involvement, I agree with Lockwood Smith who is quoted:

National Party immigration spokesman Lockwood Smith, who is quoted in the article, said it was important to distinguish between law-abiding Asians and criminals. Most Asian immigrants made a positive contribution and to lump them together with the criminal element was “a bit rough”.

“From my understanding of the crime statistics, the Asian community as a whole is well under-represented on a per capita basis. But where we do have Asian immigrants in organised crime – especially drugs – we have to be absolutely ruthless in our response.”

It is very easy to sensationalise on the basis of some high profile crime stories, but it’s the overall rate of offending which is key. And even then one has to use them with caution. IF NZers were found to commit more crimes in Australia than Australians, I think we would resent calls for Kiwis to be deported due to a activities of a small minority.

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