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Thanks to some kind friends overseas, I’ve been able to see some of the new series there are, and new seasons of existing seasons. Here’s what we’ve got coming

Heroes – this is the major new hit in the US. Twelve strangers all discover they have powers of some sort and they have to come together to stop an unimaginable disaster. It’s got the mystery of Lost, some wonderful characters and one big over-arching plot. Hiro is my favourite hero – everyone loves him and he even has his own blog!

Robin Hood – a new adaptation from the BBC. I like it. The Robin is very arrogant but appealing. And the Sherriff is wonderfully wicked. Oh yes Marian kicks ass also.

Torchwood – another BBC new series – a spin off from Dr Who set in Cardiff. It’s a mixture of a grimy crime series but with aliens and technology. Oh yes Captain Jack is the main lead.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season Three hasn’t quite got the drama of the previous seasons. The Meredith/McDreamy saga can only go on so long. And all the characters are becoming too nice. Bring back the Nazi!

House – episodes are still mainly stand alone, but with a bit more plot development happening in terms of House who has his leg get better.

Boston Legal – starting to go off this one. Shatner is still hilarious as Denny Crane, but not enough focus on Alan Shore and his outrageous unethical legal strategies. Becoming too much of a soap opera.

Battlestar Galactica – Season Three rocks. It has some amazing plot twists and amazing scenes such as where the Galactica screams towards a planet at full speed, lets off its fighters and then ports away just before it crashes. And you see the Pegasus take on three Cylon base ships. BG has become the cult programme for Sci Fi fans.

Lost – the mystery is starting to fade, but still enough to keep it interesting. I don’t see too many more seasons for it though.

Desperate Housewives – this went downhill in Season Two but Season Three has picked up the pace again. The Carlos/.Gaby wars are priceless and last week the episode with hostages was a stunner. They’ve regained the ability to surprise.

South Park – the second half of Season Ten is as offensive as also. To be balanced they do a two parter taking the piss of atheists which is fun.

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