Russell Brown on Nicky Hager

Before Nicky is embraced and hugged to death by the haters, I thought some quotes on Nicky’s other works by Russell Brown would be a useful context:

“Nicky Hager’s book turns on the science – and the science in it is WRONG.”

“On Hager’s side, we only have the unnamed “experts” in his book. We don’t know who these people are, whether they’re qualified or even, really, if they exist.”

“Nicky Hager actually admitted in Wednesday’s interview with Dean Williams that he had no proof that that was the case.”

Also Nicky Hager was a co-author of the SST Operation Leaf story re the SIS, which was found to be totally wrong, and based on a con.

So while the Brash emails will speak for themselves, if made public, I would take anything Hager says about six senior National Party figures co-operating with his book with a huge grain of salt. Russell Brown has suggested in the past Hager simply makes up anonymous sources. If Hager can not produce even one single name to back up his claims, then they must be treated with suspicion.

Likewise his characterisation of what the e-mails reveal, is simply his characterisation. Personally I would be surprised if there was much there, as Winston had these for over a year and the worst he revealed was some e-mails from Roger Kerr and others encouraging him to run for Leader etc, and of yes an offer of assistance from a US campaign expert (which was declined).

But I don’t know for sure. I suspect Hager will go to court and a Judge will look at the e-mails and proposed book and make a decision about whether there is material in there of public interest sufficient to outweigh the privacy aspect, and the fact they were illegally obtained.

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