US election update

Well turned out to be a great day for the Democrats and the Republicans have had their first casualty from the result – the resignation of Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfield.

In the House the Dems have picked up 28 seats and it is 228-196 with 11 too close to call. Final outcome looks to be 232-203 – a bigger majority than the GOp had in the last Congress.

The Senate is poised to flip to the Democrats. At present the Dems have 48, GOP 49, Dems leaning Independents 2 and Virginia which is very close and will be recounted.
In Virginia Democratic Webb leads Allen by 6,900 votes out of over 2.3 million. I would be amazed if this changed so in a couple of days the Dems will be confirmed as controlling the Senate also.

Amongst the Governors, the Democrats have picked up six and now govern 28 out of 50 States.

Congress also has its first Muslim MP, which in a general sense is a good thing, as it may demonstrate that the is open to people of all religious faiths.

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