Moore hits back

An extraordinary column by Mike Moore in the Herald today.  Extracts:

The idea of banning published dissent for election year, a third of a parliamentary term, is sinister, and as written, could ban books. Why ban them? Burn them.

 Ouch.  Not a subtle reference.

Just as I was feeling remorseful because some of my comments were giving comfort to Party where the shallow men have replaced the hollow men, the violent frenzy in response proved my point.

The attacks were Orwellian in their doublespeak, and Nixonian in their dark paranoia. One line spun that is about promoting Phil Goff, who I also sprayed in the article, was pure Nixon. I haven’t spoken to Phil in a year. Unfortunately. Documents have come to me instructing familiar names to ring talkbacks and write letters to the editors.

The message here is that if Labour had not responded with a campaign against Moore, he would not be firing back.

Jim Anderton is the designated driver in the attack plan. He’s loving the attention. Most people thought he was dead or, even more fatal in politics, retired. He has not voted Labour in 20 years, not many know that Norm Kirk kicked him out of the party when he was right-wing, anti-abortion, anti-gay, and with Roger Douglas, wanted to remove the unions from the party. Then he left again as a left-winger. I didn’t support Jim when he was far right or far left.

Ouch.  That’s what you call a counter volley.

To be fair, both Helen Clark and Michael Cullen said they would have lost their seats if I had not taken over. I raised money for Labour before the last election and since the election, to disagree is not automatically to be a traitor.

Oh it is in Helengrad.

Anderton opposed all the policies that now make New Zealand wealthy. Against closer economic relations with Australia, against universities getting paid students from overseas, now our fourth biggest export income earner. Opposed GST, waterfront reforms, an independent central bank.

He even opposed the Uruguay trade round and that has returned New Zealand more than a billion dollars a year.

All true.

Mind you, if you believe the media, National MP did all that. Groser’s modesty will be his downfall. He should remind people it was he who first climbed Everest, split the atom, produced Lord of the Rings, and invented rugby.

Ha ha ha.  Sound like some unresolved issues there between Mike and Tim.

But I do get upset when the leadership sneer and darkly mention my tax status. It’s an honour each week to pay more tax than a minister earns, I’ve discovered capitalism late in life. I think my record for New Zealand stands.

Good God.  Who referred to his tax status?

I’m writing this from Kuala Lumpur where I’m in a group that’s working on how a democratic, secular Islam can be a force for good.

Sounds very useful.

My last book was published in several languages and is in its third edition. I’ve written more books than Anderton’s read.

Ha ha ha.  Boy those two really do not get on.

apparatchiks, spinmeisters, paid friends, call the dogs off.” Remember to laugh at life’s absurdities. Talk about the good decision to get justice for Agent Orange victims, unbundling the communications system, how to get better results from the new money going to health and education, and expose Party’s policy that somehow less investment will improve things.

No no don’t listen to him.  Keep with the where did John Key live in 2002 issue.

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