At the Mount

Flew in to Tauranga last night.  Near disaster when I discovered my rental car booking has disappeared into the ether, but managed to steal a car and got to try out the GPS.  It really is simple – just plug in and it works.

I’m staying at the end of Mt Maunganui, very close to the beach.   Is somewhat weird being here without the place overflowing – my previous visits have been over summer holidays. The last time I was here, I split my head open by accidentally head butting a tree.  Yes it was New Year’s Eve!

By coincidence, Lewis Holden was also in Tauranga, so we caught up for a drink on Maunganui Street and plotted the death of the Queen.  No, no, I mean we plotted what we would do once the Queen dies, not bring that date forward 🙂

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