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I am quite puzzled by Lucyna’s post at NZ Conservative on the election of Jenny Rowan as Kapiti Coast Mayor. She says:

Well, as a voter in the Kapiti Coast District, I can say that I had absolutely no idea Jenny Rowan was an ‘out’ lesbian. Had I known she was a lesbian, I would not have put her down at number 2 on my voting form. As she never campaigned using “vote for me, I’m a lesbian”, I wouldn’t be surprised if many other Kapiti voters also had no idea. I also would not be surprised if she only lasts one term.

Well it is quite correct that Rowan did not campaign on the basis you should vote for her as she is a lesbian.  To quote the Herald on Sunday:

Openly lesbian, though determinedly not campaigning as such _ “it’s got nothing to do with me being mayor”

Now I think this is a commendable attitude. I didn’t vote for Kerry Prendergast because she is heterosexual, and I think it is great to have the sort of society where a candidate’s sexual orientation is about as interesting as their hair colour.

Not that it would have been hard for Lucyna to find out Jenny was a lesbian.  A quick Google search on her name has a reference in the top five hits.  Also on Jenny’s website she mentions her partner is Jools.

So while she did not campaign on it, she certainly didn’t hide it. What more does Lucyna want?  For her to warn people with a flashing homo alert badge at public meetings? Does she really believe that her sexual orientation alone is enough to get her thrown out of office after one term – regardless of how well she performs the job?

Later on, Lucyna makes a comment that:

Anyone who is sexually depraved is less likely to be able to make decisions for the good of all.

Now Lucyna obviously believes this and I don’t think there is much point debating a belief like that, but really to apply it as a litmus test where you won’t consider them at all, regardless of all the other qualities they may have?  Isn’t that rather umm

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