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Molesworth and Featherston in their latest issue, noted:

Blogging back

We’re fascinated to watch Labour’s fightback in the blogosphere, with the launch of a partyaligned blog, The Standard. Labour has trailed among bloggers, leaving commentary on the left to the likes of more left No Right Turn and the Greens’ Frog Blog. Commentator Russell Brown’s Public Address is the granddaddy of New Zealand blogs, and sympathetic to Labour, but National has been reaping the gains of an enormous readership for David Farrar’s Kiwiblog – its daily readership rivals a modest daily newspaper.

Just as important as their enormous readership, though, the blogs are influencing editorial content. Where they once drew their cues from mainly from talkback, reporters are now also daily watching the main blogs as straws in the wind. It helps give editorial weighting to the salience of issues. Labour scored a hit with a brutal (and unfairly edited) video of John Key at the weekend market. National have owned this space for a while. Blogs aren’t new any more, but their political sophistication, reach and influence is growing.

The challenge partly is also how many stay around after an election. It’s usual as the election gets closer for mroe blogs to appear, but many of the “left” ones took off the moment the election was over. They’re just there for the votes.

Now a group of people seem to be so worried about Kiwiblog that they feel the need to have set up their own blog whose sole role in life is to psycho-analyse Kiwiblog. Hey it’s a free world, and if it brings joy to them – well keeps them off the streets suppose.

Unfortunately for them though, they have over-active imaginations which would make them eligible for a 9/11 conspiracy group membership.

In one post trying to analyse why post about VUWSA from time to time, they actually went through the photos from my birthday party, recognised one person there as a former manager of the Vic Uni Union (not VUWSA) and in the best Pink Panther traditions speculated that perhaps he was behind why I posted about VUWSA and not other student associations. I do no exagerate when I say both Chris and I were laughing so hard at this, that it almost hurt. I mean one needs to normally pay for this level of comedy. The geniuses at work ignored the obvious answer that doh I live in Wellington and VUWSA is my local association.

Then in another post, they conclude that my disapproval of National dropping bulk funding, is a smokescreen to cover up that National promised more support to private schools. Okay so get this – the fact blogged on the parts of National’s policy I disagreed with, and didn’t cover the parts I agreed with – is seen by them as running interference for National!!

The problem with the authors is they are so blindly loyal to their cause, that they really really can not comprehend such a thing as honest opinion.

was bored enough a few days ago to quite a quick browse though the last fortnigth or so of posts from me. They include:

  • Linked to Espiner story heavily criticizing National
  • Embedded and dispayed an anti John Key video
  • Supported a union organized anti Burma march
  • Quoted Hooton praising Labour on climate change
  • Criticised National’s handling of health discussion paper
  • Advocated for a Republic (out of step with most Nat MPs)
  • Praised Govt’s telecommunication reforms
  • Praised Govt consultation on compulsory third party car insurance
  • Given favourable review of Chris Trotter book
  • Supported Labour and Green candidates in local elections
  • Post on Labour’s climate change policy where disagree with National’s policy
  • Agreed with Helen Clark with her criticism of John Key re Clint Rickards case
  • Linked to NRT post about how National may still struggle to form a Government
  • Declared Helen Clark a winner from the Zaoui decision
  • Gave Wally of the Week to a National MP
  • Disagreed with National on voting for party pill ban legislation
  • Said Clark was right not to accept O’Connor

Now don’t get me wrong. have my biases and my sympathies. I make no claims to be objective. But this is about me saying what think on anything that is of interest to me. It isn’t part of any masterplan. I don’t get talking points from anyone at all. I don’t analyse every post with a filter about how to make National look good. I actually treat my readers with far more respect than that.

So any analysis which starts with a presumption that it is designed purely to gain votes or support for one party, is going to permanently stay flawed. But hey as I said it’s a free world.

UPDATE: Half Done previously covered this also.

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