Oh for all those claiming I am wrong

From NZPA:

The Free Speech Coalition spokesman David Farrar, who also runs a right wing website, said the bill would now cover megaphones as well as other materials such as placards which were always covered.

Ms Turei said that was technically correct. The bill aimed to include commercial use of loudhailers — for example on the top of a bus hired to drive around. The Greens would put up changes to amend the bill so individuals were not caught by it.

Now that the Greens have agreed with me in my interpretation, I guess this might calm down the nutters claiming I’m making this up.

Incidentally while I wish this Bill not to proceed, I am very happy to work with any party to draft amendments which will make the bill less oppressive.   But I also caution that having a constitutional bill such as the patched up in committee of the whole stage is very dangerous.  Mistakes will get made, and there are errors in the current bill yet to be recognised.

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