March on Sunday at 2 pm


Above is a shrunken version of the ad (pdf) by for a march in on Sunday (gather Queen Street at 2pm) to continue the protest over the Electoral Finance Act.

It is important to keep up activities like to keep the Act in the news.  In the first two months of the year there has been a plethora of negative stories about the Act. And the affair would have had far less potency if it were not for the hypocrisy of and NZ First contrasting their rhetoric with the EFA with their actions.

And again on the hypocrisy, yesterday Bill English revealed that has been breaking its own Act, by listing a work address instead of a home address on their campaign material. The have also broken aspect of the law with their “Date Green” t-shirts.  I previously blogged on this issue of needing home address of financial agents for parties. Labour’s response to problem was to scoff – and now it appears they are breaching it themselves.

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