Dom Post calls for Local Government amalgamation in Wellington

The Dominion Post points out it is not only Auckland that needs a review of local government:

Here the 450,000 residents of greater Wellington are funding five councils on side of the Rimutakas, another three in the Wairarapa, a regional council and a host of community boards, the purpose of which is a mystery to all but those serve on them. …

But what could be more logical than a single body representing the interests of those live within a region? What is the point of duplicating services and why should progress forever be delayed because of territorial disputes between councils?

Here it would make eminently good sense to merge the Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt councils, Porirua and Kapiti, and the three Wairarapa councils. But it would make even more sense to create a single entity to represent the entire Wellington region.

doubt one can get agreement to immediately go to one authority for all of Greater Wellington, but reducing the numbers of local authorities from eight to four would be a good starting step.

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