Dunne on Broadband

Peter Dunne makes a useful contribution to the political debate on broadband:

“Everyone agrees that’s a good idea, but all we’ve heard so far is the Minister of Communications carping that National is being opportunistic and handing too much power to ; New Zealand First is similarly outraged that Telecom is getting too much money; and ACT has delivered libertarian rant that hates the Government collecting or spending any money at all.

“Surely the point is that widespread, superfast broadband is a good thing for the New Zealand economy and the only question is: how do we get there?

“It’d be excellent if politicians spent more time working out the answer to that question and not simply whacking each other over the head and feeling they’ve accomplished something.

“If direct government investment like Mr proposes is not the answer, then ’d like to hear two things from the critics – first, what is the alternative, and second, why has it not happened to date,” said Mr Dunne.

A useful challenge.

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