John Armstrong on “The Phone”

The a week or so ago suggested the voters were no longer listening to Labour and had taken the phone off the hook. John Armstrong goes a step further:

The electorate’s mood gives every appearance of having solidified. Not only have voters taken the phone off the hook, in Labour’s case, they have buried it deep in the bottom drawer.

And even better:

NZ First’s waving of the flag of nationalism combined with an injudicious bit of Asian-bashing has done nothing to lift its stocks.

Winston Peters’ party is registering at a paltry 1.5 per cent.

Winston will accuse an Iraqi refugee who used to work for Saddam Hussein of stealing his phone probably!

Adding to the agony, National’s leader is at his highest rating as preferred despite Labour’s campaign to denigrate and discredit him as “Slippery John”.

The gender breakdown shows Key is drawing female voters away from Clark.


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