Greens: Kiwiblog “far right”

Am very amused by the press release just put out by the Green Party. They are promoting their video which I linked to a few days ago, and have got excited over the fact a user called “JohnKey2008” viewed it.

They end release, saying:

The ‘Some things are bigger than politics’ video has been well received by online viewers, and has even featured on the far-right website ‘Kiwi Blog’.

Hmmn, far-right. That will teach me to be nice and promote their video for them. Mind you I also blogged one from the Family Party!

To be fair, 90% of NZ is probably “far right” compared to Comrades Norman, Locke and Bradford.

But Wikipedia says “far right” includes:

the revolutionary right, militant racial supremacists and religious extremists, fascists, neo-fascists, Nazis, and

So is Jeanette calling me a racial supremacist, a religious extremist or a Nazi?

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