Geddis on Electoral Finance Act

Associate Professor had an article appear in the latest issue of the Otago Graduate magazine on the . Geddis is one of the leading academics on electoral financing, and one of those most commonly quoted as to the problems with the old Electoral Act. He is generally, I think it is fair to say, a supporter of more comprehensive regulations on political financing.

This makes his comments on the Electoral Finance Act more noteworthy. Some extracts:

  • The Electoral Finance Act has caused damage to our electoral process that now needs fixing
  • A good portion of the blame fir the present situation lies with the legislation’s authors
  • The way the Labour-led Government went about enacting those reforms was ill-considered and overly rushed
  • It is hard to see how Parliament alone can now put the matter right

I have attached the full article as a pdf geddis-efa-article so people can read it in full, and not just my extracts.

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