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Well many more since I last summarised the results in late April. The following results since then:

  1. 79% approve of National’s fibre to the home policy
  2. 31% think global warming is a hoax, 20% say we should reduce emissions at a rate which does not harm economic growth, 19% think global warming is exaggerated, 16% think we should reduce emissions at the same rate as other countries, 7% say reducing emissions should be our top priority and 7% say the world faces Armageddon if emissions are not reduced
  3. 57% of readers/respondents are male heterosexuals, 24% are female heterosexuals, 7% male homosexuals, 6% male bisexual, 3% female bisexual and 3% lesbian.
  4. The best post (start of) PM was rated David Lange with 23% then Keith Holyoake 20% and Helen Clark 12%. Bottom was Bill Rowling and Walter Nash on 1% each.
  5. 53% would choose higher broadband data caps over 47% preferring faster broadband speeds
  6. 36% rated the Budget very poor, 30% poor, 16% average, 10% very good and 9% good
  7. The preferred next Labour Party Leader was Phil Goff on 44% then Andrew Little on 14% and on 10%.
  8. 68% prefer to have dinner before a 7 pm movie, not afterwards
  9. 52% want Charles as King of NZ when the Queen dies, vs 48% favouring a Republic.
  10. 95% of respondents have visited Australia, 74% Europe, 73% Asia, 69% North America, 26% Africa, 13% South America and 3% Antarctica
  11. Only 9% have a Freeview box
  12. 36% think 15 years is the starting point for rape convctions, 22% think 10 years, 16% five years and only 12% correctly stated eight years.
  13. 82% of respondents have made their mind up as to to vote for
  14. The favourite TV channel is with 34%, Prime on 30%, TV One on 19%, C4 on 7%, TV2 on 5% and Maori TV on 5%.

As always many interesting results. All totally unscientific but useful to see how readers differ from the overall population. The TV favourability for example is very different to overall ratings.

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