A dispatch from Yes Minister

Today’s Dispatch from Helengrad is up on the NBR website. I’ve titled it a “Yes Minister consultation” in reference to the farce of a consultation the Green Party are undertaking on the Emissions Trading Scheme, when it is obvious they have swalled a king size dead rat and are going to back Labour’s ETS despite winning no major  concessions. The bulletpoint summary is:

  • Best Play of the Week: Greens get an A- for their u-turn on the ETS
  • Worst Play of the Week: A D to the IRD for their retrospective application of a change of policy on GST in the tourism sector
  • The Winston and Brian scandal/show gets an A- with the best yet to come with Owen Glenn
  • A rock bottom E- to the Electoral Finance Act for creating so much uncertainty that the Health Ministry has delayed portions of their cervical cancer public health campaign. Madness.
  • And Colin James gets promoted to Honorary Blogger and gets a B+ for raising the worthy issue of a fixed date for elections. I support this and also push for term limits!

Comments and feedback welcome over on NBR.