Preparing for Privileges

For the to do its job, and reach a fair conclusion on whether the $100,000 donation should have been declared on the MPs Register of Pecuniary Interests, they are going to need to be able to answer the following question:

  1. Who or what was the $100,000 paid to?
  2. Why was it donated?
  3. Who knew about it?

That is not an exhaustive list. But even off that, what sort of evidence would you want, so one could make a fair conclusion.  Rodney Hide has suggested that should give evidence – maybe by video conference. It is almost unthinkable that one can resolve issue without hearing from the donor. would expect evidence to include the following:

  1. Testimony from on why he donated, who he thought he was donating to, and who did he discuss the donation or the possibility of a donation with?
  2. Testimony from Steve Fisher as to why he said it was vital Glenn did not contradict Peters?
  3. A full forensic investigation of the money –
    1. Who was the cheque/draft made out to?
    2. Into what account was it paid?
    3. Was it the Spencer Trust?
    4. Was the money passed onto someone else?
    5. What bills were paid with it?
  4. Was the $40,000 damages to Clarkson (which is beyond dispute a personal debt) paid for by way of donation – whether Glenn or someone else?
  5. Does Peters personally make up any shortfall in the costs for his legal actions?
  6. Would Peters have paid over time at least $500 more to Henry, if the donation had not been made?
  7. How many donations of greater than $500 have been made towards the legal fees?
  8. Expert advice from the Law Society regarding barristers fees?
  9. If money was donated to a formal trust (such as the Spencer) is Peters a beneficiary of it, which requires a declaration on the Register?

As said is just an initial list.

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