The Veronicas

am in this afternoon, to help interview The Veronicas for TV3’s Nightline.

Now the obvious question is why?

Well Jessica and Lisa are identical twin sisters, so are often mistaken for each other.

TV3’s Entertainment reporter is David Farrier. Now David and look nothing at all alike [think taller, skinny, younger, handsomer and with hair :-)] but to our great amusement we are often mistaken for each other. He often gets told how much people like reading his blog, and I occasionally get told, when people hear my name, how much they enjoy me on TV3.

So David thought it would be amusing to have me help interview the twin rock stars, as we could empathise with them about being mistaken for each other. We are meeting them this afternoon, so guess it should air tonight on the 10.25 Nightline.

Have been swotting up on questions to ask them. Feel free to suggest possible questions below, and if they are appropriate (ie clean, interesting or funny) may use them. And no I will not be asking about certain recent photos.

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