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I have been lucky enough (I think) to avoid the challenge of parenting so far. I stand in amazement at my friends who have become parents. It’s like having a new job where you don’t get any holidays for the frst 250 weeks.

One of my friends, Megan, who is a mother of two, has set up a site and service called Dream Parenting with Tracie, which offers sleep solutions. Megan writes:

I approached Tracie initially as a client.  My then two and a half year old son had a myriad of issues going on culminating in some nights of up to thirty wake ups, and good nights of ten or so.  Unsurprisingly I was worn out, grumpy, sad, still wearing a happy face but that face was beginning to slip.  I also had a six month old baby to care for.  My relationship with my husband was suffering as we had little time together, and we continued to try a number of techniques that just didn’t get the results we desired, or indeed needed.

Tracie turned us around… to the degree that my lovely son (now four) is one of those children that gives me a hug and a kiss, tells me he loves me and goes off to sleep.  The difference in his nature in the day-time changed dramatically as well and I have watched an anxious little boy transform into an outgoing and articulate wee man.

Tracie has also helped significantly with sleep issues I encountered with my daughter, completely different to my son.  I am happy to say we’ve addressed them all successfully.

I remember when Megan was having to get up every hour or so. The change has made a world of difference, so I’m happy to promote their service if there are other parents out there who are having sleep problems with their young kids. Most of their advice is available free on their site as age specific videos.

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