Blog Bits

  1. Rob Hosking at NBR looks at Mt Albert. He also makes some astute observations that almost all of the issues Labour is pushing are beltway issues of concern to few people. He concludes the seat is Labour’s to lose.
  2. Gooner at no Minister is concerned for David Bain’s poor memory.
  3. Roarprawn approves of Murray MCcully giving $5.6 million to help treat blindness in the Pacific via the Fred Hollows Foundation.
  4. Whale Oil has a Twitter screen shot of Labour MP Clare Curran saying “rodney hide gives me the creeps”. Pretty pathethic.
  5. Editing the Herald reports on a nastygram from the Herald’s lawyers over their banner. While the Herald has every right to protect its trademarks, I must say a polite request to stop would go down far better than immediate threats to sue.
  6. Chris Keall at NBR looks at the Vodafone vs Telecom lawsuit
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