Approachable MPs

I noticed this letter in the ODT:

In an age of perceived isolation from our elected representatives in Wellington I was surprised as a 13 year old to be able to secure the Co-Leader of the Greens, Metiria Turei, onto my community radio show.

When I emailed her I was expecting some automated reply saying that she was too busy, but no I got a very helpful email from her PA wanting to call me and secure this interview, she was actually keen.

I can also testify to the responsiveness of Metiria Turei, and other MPs.

Last week I hosted a visitor from the United Kingdom, who is studying different legislatures for her politics degree. She has also worked for Conservative Central Office. She was especially interested in MMP and the Maori Seats

I e-mailed meeting requests to five MPs. A National Minister, a National Maori List MP, a Maori Party electorate Maori MP, Metiria Turei and one other Maori MP.

Within a few hours four of the five MPs (the two Nats, the Maori Party and the Green Party MPs), or their staff, had responded positively to arrange a time to meet, or if not in Wellington to offer a phone interview.

I think it is a good reflection on our and MPs, that they are so approachable. Many respond to their own e-mails. A growing number twitter, and Labour especially is blogging big time.

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