HoS on TVNZ and psychic

Matt Nippert writes for the HoS:

has been accused of using the police hunt for to promote its psychic-based entertainment show Sensing Murder.

The state broadcaster has received hundreds of emails since TV One reporter Amy Kelly asked police if they would investigate a tip from medium .

Good. The uproar may convince TVNZ in future not to blur the lines.

Former policeman Dan Thompson of Paragon Investigations said he was appalled that the broadcaster appeared to be using a criminal investigation to promote the stars of an entertainment programme. “I’m totally aghast – it seems like a totally commercial play,” he said.

TVNZ spokeswoman Andi Brotherston denied the claim: “We’re not trying to push a psychic message to make money and get ratings.”

And to be fair I don’t think it was a deliberate commercial strategy, but a series of misjudgements.

Webber said the story had been “blown out of proportion”.

“It hurts because I am interested in finding a little girl, not me. Every time I say something it seems to be twisted around to not the truth.”

I’d like Aisling to be found also. The difference is I don’t get paid to pretend I know where she might be.

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