Whale vs Fidelity

The SST reports:

A CONTROVERSIAL blogger is struggling to convince his insurance company he is clinically depressed in order for the policy he depends on for his livelihood to be reinstated.

, who writes a right-wing blog under the name , has received about $100,000 a year under an income protection insurance policy, due to depression he claims has left him unable to work since the collapse of a business five years ago.

Despite his condition, Slater has spent the last four years developing his blog, pouring his energies into the project fulltime. But two months ago his insurance company, Fidelity Life Assurance, cut off his benefits, saying their specialists had determined he was no longer unfit to work. …

His recent engagement covering the Tua-Cameron boxing bout on Twitter had left him shattered the next day.

“I can put on a good face but the next day I’m a wreck.” …

He said that for confirmation of his mental health status, his insurance company needed to only look as far as a Facebook group which had 82 members, including a number of MPs, called “People who think Cam Slater is nuts”.

“Even my enemies say so,” he said.

Maybe Fidelity could hire Cameron, if they don’t think he is nuts 🙂

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