Blog Bits

  1. Blaise Drinkwater looks at the battles on the left between those who see class warfare and identity politics as most important.
  2. As examples of what Blaise is looking at, read Chris Trotter on “The Kommissariat” and No Right Turn in response with “Dolchstossegende”.
  3. Bryce Edwards reviews a decade in Parliament for the Greens. They will be glad in hindsight they bailed out of the Alliance before Jim Anderton destroyed it.
  4. Colin Espiner critiques the Trans-Tasman ratings. I tend to agree with most of his comments and his conclusion “Overall Trans-Tasman has it about right, as usual, although I think it slightly favours the Government, particularly the ministers.”
  5. A Fiji blog has an interesting summary of what Phil Goff said on Fiji.
  6. Chris Keall blogs that NBR now has 7,500 paid subscribers to their online content. That is pretty impressive numbers. My view has always been that people will not pay for generic news, but will pay for excellent analysis or specialist content.
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