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Lots today:

  1. Stephen Franks asks questions about the Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club
  2. Democracy Mum blogs a speech from Geert Wilders
  3. No Right Turn is campaigning for killers and rapists to be given the vote.
  4. David Lewis blogs an excellent analogy about flying the English Flag next to the Union Jack is the same as a Maori flag next to NZ ensign.
  5. Audrey Young blogs on the Labour leadership and quotes Jane Clifton “The tacit caucus promise to Helen Clark that Goff would be given a long run while various leadership candidates incubated is now toast”.
  6. Adam Smith lambasts Al Gore for his porkie over Arctic ice, but Ian Wishart (of all people!) defends Al Gore, noting that the climate scientist Gore cited has indeed been pubished saying what Gore quoted.
  7. Stephen Franks blogs on securities law reform.
  8. Cactus Kate blogs about a teenager she caught taking ketamine. She finds out the teen got into it after “the drug education people came to school to talk about ketamine to tell us not to do it”.
  9. Liberty Scott labels the Transmission Gully plan “Think Big” and a destroyer of wealth.
  10. Chris Keall has names and links of the most watched You Tube videos in 2009.

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