How many terms?

The Dom Post editorial asks:

In Wellington, voters might well find they are asking themselves whether they should give incumbent a third term, if she decides over this holiday break, as seems likely, to seek office again. If she does, her 2006 majority might take a cut because the number of voters offended every time any politician makes a decision grows steadily. Is Ms Prendergast close to that tipping point?

Really – two basic basic errors in one paragraph. I don’t normally nit pick articles, but editorials you expect to be of a higher standard.

If people don’t want Kerry to have a third term, then they need to hop into a tardis, and travel back in time around 27 months and shoot her.  Because she has been Mayor since 2001 and is two thirds of the way through her third term.

Secondly the last elections were in 2007, not 2006. So there is no such thing as a 2006 majority.

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