Not a smart call

The Dom Post reports:

landline customers face a steep rise in the cost of off-peak national calls from next month.

The company is increasing the cost of calls by more than 25 per cent from 19 cents a minute to 24c. …

The company’s toll call revenues have been falling more steeply than any other major part of its business as more customers use internet phone services such as Skype, discount calling cards on sale at dairies, and a recent spate of cheap mobile offers for both overseas and national calls. …

Slingshot, the third biggest residential phone provider, has peak and off-peak national toll calls for 8 cents a minute.

Hmmn you’re losing money because customers are using cheaper services such as Skype, calling cards or competing toll providers.

So your response is to put prices up, so even fewer customers will use you!

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