$800 for a crap

The Herald reports:

A Wellington landlord incensed by a meter reader who defecated in a bag and left it on his apartment doorstep has had his claim for compensation knocked back from $200,000 to $800.

$200,000 was always rather optimistic. You don’t get that much for losing a limb, so you certainly won’t get it because a bag of is left on your doorstep.

Genesis Energy said the meter reader was caught short while at the apartment and could not access the toilet, so “with a lack of judgment” used a supermarket bag and “unfortunately” left it behind.

Unfortunate is an under-statement.

The company apologised to the female tenant who found the unwanted parcel when she returned home and described the incident as “very serious and regrettable”.

She accepted the apology and a gift and sought no further action.

However apartment owner Errol Anderson, who lives in Australia, pursued the matter and lodged a claim with Genesis for $130,000 compensation.

Ha – he didn’t even have to smell the crap.

Genesis public affairs manager Richard Gordon said when this was not accepted by Genesis, Mr Anderson increased his claim to $150,000 and then, days later, to $200,000.

God loves a trier.

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