A family holiday

Have just flown out of Auckland for a family holiday with my olds. Most of the time overseas will be in Austria, where my father was born. I’ve never been there, so am really looking forward to seeing where he grew up, plus all the other great sights around Vienna.

We have a couple of days in Hong Kong as a stop over, and then a week in London catching up with friends. After that it is Vienna and Salzburg for a couple of weeks, and then back home via a stop over in Japan.

I’ve been using foursquare for a week or two. It’s a fun location based service for your mobile, which detects where you are, offers you specials on businesses nearby, and allows you to share your location with your friends.

I’ve only been allowing a couple of dozen people to receive location updates from me, as not even I want 1,000 people able to trace my every step in Wellington.

But while I am overseas, I figure it will be quite fun to have the location updates appear on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, so friends can see where I am. So I’m turning on the synchronisation during the time away. I live in an apartment block with 80 nosy neighbours (and my main item of value – the laptop – travels with me) so am comfortable with the security issues.

But will definitely be turning it off when I get home again.

As usual, blogging frequency and times may be affected. The guest posters may pop up a bit also.

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