Congrats Swedish Christian Democrats

Congratulations to my friends in the Swedish Christian Democrats, wo have just got re-elected to Government.

Reuters reports:

Official preliminary results showed the centre-right coalition government winning 173 seats in the 349-seat parliament and the Social Democrat-led centre-left with 156 seats.

Reinfeldt, who has benefited from one of Europe’s strongest economic recoveries and sound public finances, would be the first sitting center-right leader ever to win re-election in . The Social Democrats, architects of Sweden’s welfare model, ruled for much of the last century.

A very good result to be the first CR Government re-elected. The Moderate Party is the largest CR party.

However, the big news of the night for a country which has long prided itself as being one of the most tolerant in Europe was that the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats looked set to win 20 seats, their first entry to the national parliament.

This is not a surprise. In most countries in Europe there is a backlash against immigration. Not against all immigration, but against immigrations where immigrants do not assimilate into the local community, but instead form hostile enclaves.

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