Timaru Herald on Mayoralty

The Timaru Herald editorial says:

Mayor ’s leadership has been flawless. His political arch rival must feel like Cinderella stuck at home while the disaster ball is in full swing.

Certainly it would be hard to imagine Mr Anderton’s case for being a part-time mayor while he continued his MP duties now stacking up as a viable proposition.

It was questionable before the earthquake, and the disaster makes Mr Anderton’s position now look nonsensical.

It is the height of arrogance for Jim Anderton to continue with his insistence that the Mayoralty is a part-time job.

An MP is required to be in Wellington on house sitting weeks from Tuesday to Thursday. This would have a Mayor Anderton available Mondays and Fridays only during the week.

I know it is a bit unseemly to be politicking so soon after the quake, but the fact is that ballot papers go out next week. There are only a few days left for Jim Anderton to renounce his egotistical stance, and announce he will resign immediately as an MP, if he is elected Mayor.

Considering the Government is pouring the best part of $2 billion into the earthquake repairs, Anderton’s insistence he has to do both jobs to save the taxpayer $500,000 is laughable.

If Jim Anderton backs down, and announces he will resign immediately as an MP, if elected Mayor, then he will boost his chances considerably. If he continues to refuse to do so, then he will have no one but himself to blame if he loses.

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