Trevor being slaughted on the facts

Once upon a time used to decide policy, have a dozen personal staff, and a thousand or so bureaucrats working for him. He controlled a budget vote of around $10 billion or so.

Now he is reduced to half arsed smears on , that get demolished by his own commenters.

Trevor’s post is headlined:

Nat party spinmeister (and Key recruiter) hired fraudster

And in the body:

Buried away to date is the fact that the recruitment agency that failed to check the CV (including the claims he designed the missile guidance systems for the UK’s nukes, bobsleighed at the Olympics inter alia) was Momentum, Headed by well known to the National Party spin team and responsible for recruiting John Key into the National Party caucus.

smhead points out:

1. Boag doesn’t head Momentum.
2. Boag didn’t work at Momentum at the time Wilce was hired.
3. Wilce was hired during a Labour government.

Michelle only started work for Momentum in September 2008. Wilce was hired in 2005.

How stupid are you to claim someone hired someone, when she didn’t even start there until 30 months or so after the appointment was made? Well actually it isn’t stupid – just malicious.

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