A seamless transition

The magnitude of what Mark Ford and his team have achieved is hard for many people to comprehend. The number of things which could go wrong in merging eight Councils into one is huge. The IT systems alone would be a nightmare to integrate (and this is ongoing).

The only only apparent problem is that phone numbers for Councillors were not on the Council website, and people in Rodney did not know the Council number was toll free. Shit, I’d be delighted if that is the extent of the transition issues.

So many Royal Commission reports sit on book shelves and nothing happens. Kudos to the Government for having the guts to actually get a one implemented within 18 months.

My sympathies go out to those who attended to so called “inauguration” last night. I hear it lasted three and a half hours, with the first hour in Maori. Good God, even the President of the United States does it in less than an hour.

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