Still a signatory

I popped into yesterday for a farewell for someone retiring from the Parliamentary Library. At the function, one of the Library staff informed me that I was still a signatory for the Parliamentary Ball bank account, which amused me greatly as I left in 2004. Sadly only $60 in the bank account though.

It’s a pity there hasn’t been a parliamentary ball for so long – I used to love them. I recall one ball which had a halloween theme, and I went as Satan – painted red, with a nice red cloak, horns and trident. A few of us met in the National Leader’s Office before we went to the ball, and I recall Bill English walking into the room, seeing me and quipping without hestiation “David, you were meant to come in costume”.

Going out to Courteney Place afterwards was lots of fun also. I found traffic stops to allow you to cross the road far more often, when you look like The Devil.

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