The UK votes to keep FPP

The NO campaign has had a massive victory in the UK, with a move to Alternate Vote (where you rank candidates in order and the lowest polling drops off until someone gets over 50%).

The vote is not final, but at this stage it looks like 69% voted NO. My mate Matthew Elliott (The NO campaign chief) will be a very happy man tonight.

The other big news from their elections, is that the SNP has gained a majority in the Scottish Parliament, which will probably mean a vote in the next three years on whether Scotland should secede from the .

Ironically many conservatives also support Scottish independence. Scotland votes massively left. If Scotland left the UK, then the Conservatives would get to be in Government far more easily. They would become the natural party of Government in England.

In Wales (which could leave also if Scotland did), Labour did well picking up 30 seats, but are one short of a majority.

And in England, despite the unpopularity of the spending cuts, the Conservatives polled 1% higher than Labour. This augurs well for the next election, which of course is not until 2015.

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