Mutu says ban white immigrants

Marika Hill in the SST reports:

A Maori academic says by whites should be restricted because they pose a threat to race relations due to their “white supremacist” attitudes.

The controversial comments come in response to a Department of Labour report, obtained exclusively by the Sunday Star-Times, which found Maori are more likely to express anti-immigration sentiment than Pakeha or any other ethnic group.

, head of Auckland University’s department of Maori studies, agreed with the findings and called on the government to restrict the number of white migrants arriving from countries such as South Africa, England and the United States as they brought attitudes destructive to Maori.

“They do bring with them, as much as they deny it, an attitude of white supremacy, and that is fostered by the country,” she said.

At this stage I’m wondering whether Mutu qualifies as a brown supremacist? If a white person called on the Government to restrict the number of brown migrants, they would probably be called a white supremacist.

In my world immigration should ignore skin colour. Migrants should be assessed as individuals, and decisions should be based on their level of skills, experience, education, wealth etc etc. Of course you would also filter against people with criminal convictions and those with extreme anti-democratic views.

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