Cain and the sexual harrassment charges

AP report:

Under rising pressure from fellow Republicans, United States presidential hopeful sought to muddy the reputation of one accuser, forcefully denied any and all allegations of sexual impropriety and vowed the growing controversy would not drive him from the race for the White House.

“Ain’t gonna happen,” he declared.

Cain flashed defiance one day after a woman publicly accused the candidate of groping her more than a decade ago, adding her voice to three other accusers with allegations that presidential rival Mitt Romney called “particularly disturbing.”

Speaking at a news conference, Cain vowed, “we’ll get through this,” as he sought to steady a campaign that has made him the leader in an unofficial race to emerge as Romney’s principal conservative rival.

At one point he said he would be willing to take a lie detector test, but then appeared to hedge his answer seconds later.

I bet he did.

I think one can survive one or two allegators (as John Key refers to them), but four and growing is a real problem even Bill Clinton would have trouble sliding out of.

This leaves Mitt Romney at 69% on Intrade to be the GOP nominee, and no one else over 10%. If Romney is the nominee, then I suspect there will be a third party candidate from the right, which will mean Obama comes through the middle and gets re-elected.

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