Sevens stories

First day of the Sevens was lots of fun. As always I’m amazed by how creative some of the costumes are, and the sheer variety of them. It did make me think what it would be like if one year everyone was urged to come in the same costume – say as blue smurfs. A stadium of 35,000 cheering blue smurfs would look amazing. On the other hand, one would find it damn hard recognizing your friends, and there must be a good chance a fair number of people would go home with a stranger whom they thought was someone else!

The rugby side (yes I do actually go for the rugby) was good. Canada beating France was excellent, as was Tonga beating Fiji. South Africa playing quite well and beat England and NZ looking good in their three victories, but not unbeatable by any stretch.

Anyway two amusing stories. The first is of how not to pick up a girl.

A guy in a duff beer outfit is cavorting in the aisle and then sits down in the aisle next to one of our group (Anna). He doesn’t speak to her, just sits there for half an hour, occasionally smiling at her. We are having fun teasing her that she has picked up a friend. Then after half an hour of sitting there saying nothing he asks “So you’ll be going home soon”. As it was 9 pm or so, Anna answers “yes”. He then goes “So I’ll come with you then”.

Well you have to give some marks for the direct approach!

The other incident happened soon after that. A young guy (aged 21) dressed or undressed as the Ultimate Warrior came up. He was basically naked apart from his underpants/wrestling shorts. He very generously lowered himself over a couple of the girls and umm shook his booty in front of them. The girls were not objecting too greatly I must say (probably helped by the fact he did have a wrestler’s physique) and I was having great fun urging him to make sure none of the girls on our group missed out.

But as I was urging him on, he looks up from being draped over Kirsti and Anna and goes “You’re David Farrier*, I love your blog”. In fact he loved my blog so much, he insisted on also shaking his booty over me – to the extremely great amusement of the girls in the group, who I think now believe in karma.

Some very unfortunate photos were snapped on iphones, and my KiwiSaver savings are going to have to be raided to ensure sufficient bribes to stop them ever being published!

Anyway heading back in around 1 pm. Here’s hoping for a New Zealand win!

* People would be amazed how often people either get my surname confused with TV3’s David Farrier, or even mix the two of us up (as in I give them my name, and they say oh yes you’re that funny guy on Nightline).

UPDATE: Kirsti has provided this photo of the Warrior.

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